160614 oidipus gms 10 resizeOpera in four act (concert production) - Guest performance of the National Opera of Bucharest

Stage director: Valentina Carrasco | Conductor: Tiberiu Soare | Contributing: Ochestra and Choir of the National Opera of Bucharest

Monumental drama, monumental hero, monumental catharsis. The ancient man, who is able to defeat destiny by his moral behaviour. Or, as Enescu himself looks at it: the Judeo-Christian man, for whom reconciliation brings redemption. The story of the opera is special in adapting the whole story, from Oedipe’s birth till his death.

Enescu, who made melody the vital element of his music, created an especially fine music language in Oedipe, which is characterised with Late Romantic stresses, and the frequent but discreet use of the leading motives.

14. June 2016, Tuesday 19:00 h – Miskolc National Theatre - Grand Theatre 
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